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Ring of Death: An Xbox 360 story -- Part 3


Previously on Ring of Death: The red ring of death visited a colleague's Xbox 360 for the second time. He followed the rules of Xbox replacement under warranty, received the coffin exactly "five business days" later and shipped his Xbox 360 off for repair -- again.

Yesterday, the same Xbox he sent off returned to him exactly 20 days after calling to report the issue and 7 days after shipping the unit. The shell was the same (secretly marked in a few places to be sure), with some new innards that aren't broken.

And so ends this Xbox 360's red ring of death story. Although there is anecdotal evidence regarding a disproportionate amount of problems with the system, emphasized by some nation's consumer advocacy programs, at least we can say the repair process (despite taking 20 days) is relatively painless. Here's hoping the anecdotal evidence doesn't start piling up after the one year warranty expires and people start having to drop $139 (plus box) to have their Xbox 360 repaired.

After the break check out the "Xbox Quality Survey" sent back with the unit.

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