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3G iPhone on track for early '08?

Chris Ziegler

It seems that a common theme in dialogue regarding the iPhone has become, "I'll wait for version 2, thank you very much." The sentiment makes sense in some ways; after all, the first-gen model lacks key goodness (3G radio, open platform, removeable battery), not to mention the fact that companies frequently fail to get the first version of anything perfectly spot-on. Problem with waiting for version 2, of course, is that whole "waiting" part -- but it maybe be a bit more painless than anyone had thought. AppleInsider is reporting that a Swedish carrier is reassuring a large client that the first 3G iPhone will be on shelves as soon as January of next year, silencing one of the largest criticisms -- EDGE data -- of the June '07 model. That said, there's no guarantee the 3G version will hop the Atlantic (or any other body of water, for that matter) in the same time frame; Apple might instead choose to starve North America of UMTS handsets the same way many manufacturers have. Furthermore, the model might be identical to its 2.5G equivalent in every other respect, leaving the battery and platform issues unaddressed. Still, the purely theoretical thought of over-the-air iTunes clipping along at HSDPA speeds is a tantalizing one, is it not?

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