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God of War dev thinks Wii gets boring quickly


As a director for the upcoming Sony game God of War 2, Cory Barlog is no stranger to the game's industry. He knows the ins and outs, and (we imagine) has a large love for the medium. We'll tell you what he doesn't love though: his newly-acquired Wii. Upon getting the gift and opening it, Cory contributes "It was fun...but the wow factor wore off fairly quick."

He goes on to talk a bit about the game he wanted to play most (how that wasn't Twilight Princess, we'll never know), saying "The one game I wanted to play, Trauma Center, was definitely a bit of a let down. The wiimote was woefully inaccurate and sapped the fun of the game. The Wii sports golf and bowling was cool...the boxing is freaking terrible though. In the end I hope to see some cool games come out of it, though it has me worried that the whole 'what new thing can you do with the controller' fad will wear off after awhile and I will have left is a much slimmer wireless gamecube." We can't say we share his opinions, but what about you guys? Do you think the system is headed where he sees it going?

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