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GameHead gets Reggie making PS3 shooting crack


Well, one way to toss away your kid friendly image is to make fun of people getting shot. On last night's GameHead, Geoff Keighley spoke with both Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo) and Phil Harrison (Sony) about their respective system launches. Reggie went all Perrin Kaplan while discussing the PS3 launch lines saying, "Were those the people ducking to not get shot?"

Fils-Aime dug into Sony deeper saying they had no line at last year's E3, the PlayStation 3 is a "very expensive device" and Sony's got some "core fundamental issues with their strategy."

Harrison, who is clearly on the defensive, starts rambling about the PlayStation 3 after Keighley says those who own the console are happy, "I think that's the important thing to measure. What are we doing? We are creating entertainment. We are creating technology that empowers entertainment for people. And ultimately, it's the people who spend their money, who buy the machine, who love the machine, who have a tremendous relationship with that machine, whether it's playing games ..."
Keighley interjects, "So not a lot of guys coming up to you on the street saying, 'Phil, you know, I feel ripped off.'"
"Never," responds Harrison.

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