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EA announces My Sims for US release on Wii and DS

Jared Rea

Remember that whacky, Japanese-centric version of The Sims that EA cooked up for the Wii? Well, they finally got around to announcing it for us! MySims will be making its way to the Nintendo Wii and DS this Fall and boy are we ever excited.

Ever since The Urbz (Serious question: Does anyone even remember The Urbz?) The Sims have been due for a serious makeover. Turning them into adorable, toy-like kiddies seems like a step in the right direction. At least until we get over that whole "Uncanny Valley" nonsense, anyways.

EA also launched a new website to promote the game where you can view an English language version of the original trailer. Check out the screenshots below and start hoping for some sort of WiFi Connect gameplay to pop up in the months to come.

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