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Toshiba announces G500 WM5 device with extended PC connectivity

Brian White

Toshiba's higher-end G500 was announced and fondled quite a bit at the 3GSM show in Barcelona, Spain a few weeks ago. The G500's Bluetooth, WiFi, tri-band HSDPA, USB on-the-go and WM5 support (why no WM6 yet, Toshy?) seems fairly standard and par for the course. As such, there is little to set this unit off from all the other WM5 devices on the market now -- except for that Toshiba nameplate we're starting to see more and more these days as it steps up to the plate against the likes of HTC and others. One thing that's mentioned includes "extended" PC connectivity for the G500 as it acts as a the keyboard for a PC. While that sounds a little odd, we'll use that ergonomically-enhanced split soft-touch PC keyboard, thank you very much.

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