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Mass Effect to fit snugly onto one disc


The limits of DVD storage capacity are being tested, but will not be maxed out by Mass Effect. During a Q&A update, project director Casey Hudson confirmed that Mass Effect "is a monstrous game. In fact, there was a time -- not too long ago -- when we pretty much scoffed at the idea of fitting onto one disc. But, there's an art to optimizing the data that goes on a disc"; Mass Effect will fit onto a single disc -- "but just barely."

So what happens if and when an Xbox 360 title spills onto that bothersome second disc? Will it be an issue? Will we actually suffer when we peel our bodies away from the couch to swap discs partway through a game (or perhaps when switching between single-player and multiplayer)? When does a nuisance become a deal breaker -- when is it so not "next-gen"?

[Via 1UP]

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