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Buffalo's TeraStation Living NAS for the home

Jeannie Choe

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Buffalo rolls out with yet another NAS product, only this time they insist that it belongs in your home. TeraStation Living, available as a 1TB or 2TB model, supports DNLA and works with the Buffalo Video LinkTheater suite to sync up with all your media electronics and also stores TV shows, videos (DivX or WMV), photos, and music. TeraStation will be made available in March with projected prices of ¥106,300 (about $896) for the 1TB unit and ¥178,900 (about $1,510) for the 2TB unit. While we can all agree that TeraStation Living's functional configurations are great for "living," some of their commercially-targeted models would look a whole lot nicer in the home.

[Via Akihabara News]

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