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Electronic Arts mixes on iTunes

Ross Miller

Electronic Arts sent out a press release to let us know that "music from all EA games -- past and present -- [is] now available." After hearing this, our racing hearts rushed to the online store to download the soundtrack to Pinball Construction Set, only to find ourselves feeling empty when we learned that "all EA games" means a select few top-sellers from 2003 and beyond. Damn you, sensationalized headline of broken promises!

The selected soundtracks, from such usual suspects such as the EA Sports franchises, are compiled as iMixes for those wishing to download the soundtrack as it appears in the title (direct link). As for us, we've heard every track from Madden NFL 2007 at least a few dozen times just from playing the game, so we'll probably pass on that one.

Snoop Dogg's "exclusive remix" of The Doors' "Riders on the Storm" is also now available (direct link), having appeared in Need for Speed Underground (though conspicuously absent from the NFSU iMix). Some titles, especially those with original scores, are not found on iTunes, instead available via EA's own website. There isn't much to offer yet, but it could show promise if EA continues to update it.

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