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Lenovo recalling 200,000 Sanyo Thinkpad batteries

Evan Blass

Somewhere at Sony headquarters, someone is breathing a big sigh of relief right now; because when there's a big battery recall going on, and the packs weren't made by Sony, it's a red-letter day indeed. This time around the culprit happens to be Sanyo, and the batteries in question are extended life cells sold with certain R, Z, and T Series Lenovo / IBM Thinkpads between November of 2005 and February of this year. Unlike the 500,000+ Sony batteries affected by the last recall, however, these 200,000-odd packs (100,000 in the US, about 105,000 abroad) don't suffer from any internal problems, but instead are prone to "overheating" if "struck forcefully on the corner" (like when you slip and drop your lappy on the ice). Concerned owners should check to see if their extended battery sports part number FRU P/N 92P1131, and then head here to start the replacement process if necessary. Meanwhile, we're gonna ring up Sony and suggest that they send a nice sympathy bouquet / thank you note over to their colleagues at Sanyo.

[Via ZDnet, thanks Greg]

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