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Solar-powered rollerblading Dubya-bot chariot

Jeannie Choe

Modern advancements in rickshaw / chariot designs have given drivers' tired legs a chance to rest, but why not remove the driver altogether and employ a solar-powered, rollerblading robot in effigy of George W. Bush dressed as a Roman warrior? Unorthodox transportation inventor Bob Schneevis, also a professor of neurology at Stanford, juices up this 2-person chariot with two 24-volt batteries powered by solar panels on the roof of his garage. The Dubya-faced bot goes into rollerblading mode (a legs vs. wheels efficiency experiment) to tow the 2-wheeled chariot for a politically-charged, yet enviro-friendly ride. Yes, Schneevis isn't exactly subtle with the presidential propaganda, but we highly encourage you to focus on what's really important: applying green energy methods to rollerblading robot-powered chariots.

[Via Autoblog Green]

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