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Dirty Harry developer booted from project?


Foundation 9 developer The Collective is no longer working on a Dirty Harry game for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, according to a GameSpot report. Apparently the studio has undergone a significant downsizing, with an alleged 30 employees being laid off or in the process of being relocated to other Foundation 9 studios. An undisclosed source also told GameSpot that the WBIE team managing the project had "been dissolved."

Despite the upheaval, WBIE senior vice president Samantha Ryan confirms Dirty Harry is still on, stating, "We are moving forward with the Dirty Harry next generation videogames and will be changing our development plans in keeping with the best interest of the franchise legacy." Part of that change involves transitioning the game into the hands of a new developer.

The future of The Collective and its other title, Harker, are yet unknown.

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