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Breakfast Topic: Most annoying quest


Prior to the release of the Burning Crusade expansion, if you asked any player what the most annoying quest in the game was, you would probably have overwhelmingly received the answer, "Deep Ocean, Vast Sea." No, this isn't some high level epic quest -- it's just an underwater quest that seems to involve an inordinate number of murlocs. (And in my personal experience, if the murlocs don't get you, then you're likely to drown.) However, with the expansion release, and countless new quests in Outland, that may no longer be the case. (And there are, after all, murlocs in Outland as well!)

While I can say that anything with murlocs ranks high on my annoyance scale, I can't quite decide on the most annoying of the new quests in the game. (And, even if I could make up my mind, I'm not sure it would be any more annoying than "Deep Ocean, Vast Sea.") So I'm asking you, dear readers, what's the most annoying quest in World of Warcraft today? And is it an old Azeroth quest or a new Outland adventure?

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