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AT&T launches Motorola M900 for security and emergency types


Apparently the bag phone is the new black; AT&T and Motorola have launched the M900 specifically targeted at security and emergency workers. We expect this type of handset will see wide acceptance in just about any industry that needs reliable coverage when in less than reliable areas. Thankfully, this rather huge and cumbersome device is installed and left in your car, truck, Mobile Command Center or whatever else is in vogue for daring rescue hijinks. The M900 features a 2 Watt RF amp that can triple this device's range over a standard cell phone on a mobile network, a lovely blue backlit screen, and name and number dialing. Handsfree calling time is touted as being 105 minutes on battery, but power options also include cigarette lighter and wall adapter. The M900 only comes in dual-band GSM 850 / 1900MHz flavors for use on this side of the pond, since carrying this 10 pound phone with you while on holiday might be a bit much; unless of course, Motorola has a backpack accessory.

[Via SlashPhone]

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