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Details emerge on Meizu M8 miniOne pricing


Meizu's king, lord and ruler, Mr. L Wong, has posted a couple tasty tidbits about this touch screen, MP3 playin', stylish little cellphone (that looks absolutely nothing like an iPhone) on the Meizu forums. Apparently -- and please take this with at least one good pinch of salt -- the M8 miniOne will come in two flavors: an entry-level plus a standard version. Both of these devices feature that mad mad 3.2 inch, 720 x 480 screen, and will come in either 4GB or 8GB editions. The only significant difference betwixt the two seems to be the addition of a camera for the standard edition, but word is that a camera add-on will be available. Pricing for these little gems is the best bit, with entry level ringing in at roughly $195 and $285 followed by standard edition at $305 and $400 for 4GB and 8GB respectively. Ok, reality check! While all of this sounds plausible and we want to believe it , we really do -- we just can't see this ever landing over here, as rumor has it Apple protects its intellectual property.

[Via Meizu Me]

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