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Beer makes even mobile gaming more attractive

Bonnie Ruberg

Mobile gaming? Eh. Free beer? Hooray! Thus was born the Mobile Game Innovation Hunt, yesterday's closing event for the first day of GDC's Mobile Games Summit. 15 mobile developers, including Digital Chocolate, got three minutes each to show off their "innovative" designs, which then got ranked by games press judges holding up big, unforgiving score cards.

On top of beer, audience members were also handed GDC plastic clappers -- those amazingly annoying, amazingly fun, hand-shaped noise makers that turn a crowd of game developers, educators, and press in business suits into a sea of jerks. When Duke Nukem Mobile took a minute and half just to load, the game nearly got clapped off the stage. Wait, alcohol makes us honest? From here on out, I demand that all review copies of games come with complementary six-packs.

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