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MIT graduates recreate nacho fountain from Talladega Nights

Jeannie Choe

This contraption doesn't look as slick as a PS3 bbq, nor is it an ideal option for gamer sustenance, but it sure packs a punch for true nacho fanboys. Chris Vogt and Schuyler Senft-Grupp, two MIT Engineering alums, fulfilled a "mission from the Nacho Gods," to build "the beast," which was directly inspired by a nacho fountain seen in Talladega NIghts. All it took was 4 gallons of water, 6 feet of copper tube, 1 plumber's torch, 4 hose clamps, 4 plastic bowls, 1 aluminum water heater drip pan, 1 emergency drill pump, 1 power drill, various PVC bits, some string, 2 heating plates, 1 wooden spoon, several bags of chips, and of course, 6 gallons of cheese. Three days and six hours later, "the beast" came to life, overflowing with nacho goodness for Vogt, Senft-Grupp, and a posse of fellow nacho-lovers to worship / devour.

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