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Mizuguchi's Every Extend Extra Extreme announced for XBLA

Jonti Davies

It was never going to be Rez, and we knew it -- not unless Q has surprises for us -- but Tetsuya Mizuguchi's next bound-for-XBLA opus does have sufficient neon-on-black to make us very happy Marketplace campers. Every Extend Extra Extreme, or E4 for short, is a new take on E3 (which Q developed for the PSP last year). The original Every Extend game was developed by Omega for the PC (the freeware version is here).

Described as a "trippy visual journey of self destruction," E4 will enable you to play with your own tunes -- or, according to the peoplespeak of Q's press release, "wiz ur muzik" -- and against others in an online versus mode. If you're hooked on the PSP version (and if not, do get hooked), you'll know that the gameplay is all about chain reactions. Pretty chain reactions. But this XBLA version also offers Leaderboards and Achievements to keep the chain junkies flying. When, you ask? "Later this year."

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