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Navy seeks to develop (another) incapacitating stun weapon

Jeannie Choe

A "non-destructive" weapon that incapacitates the enemy by beaming radio frequency energy is currently being developed by the Navy and systems engineering developer Invocon. The technology is called Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control, or EPIC (too good), and it basically throws a wrench into a human's normal process of hearing and equilibrium, leaving them in a dizzy state of helplessness. Pretty epic, right? Results have been clinically proven to cause complete disorientation and confusion, with a side of extreme motion sickness. The Navy hopes for the weapon to effectively penetrate walls without causing any permanent damage, which would make for an invaluable tool in warfare for reducing casualties on both sides. In essence, if this weapon ever comes to fruition, we'd be trading blood for vomit -- not too shabby, but all we want know is how many non-lethal ray-guns is the US Military going to need before it's good and happy?

[Via Wired]

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