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Warelex's Mobiola turns Symbian handsets into USB Webcams

Brian White

Are you ready to use that high-end Symbian unit as your PC's webcam? If Warelex has its way, then you are. The company's "Mobiola" software can turn that 1.3 megapixel or 2 megapixel Symbian smartphone into a webcam that most likely delivers better quality than dedicate top-end webcams like the Logitech Ultra QuickCam. Since portions of the software reside as an app on your Symbian handset and other on your Windows desktop, you can connect the two and inject live video from that N95 to your IM client of choice (requires video support) or even online video sharing sites like Google's YouTube and MySpace. The Symbian side of the app weighs in at 3MB and uses the USB mode in that sweet S60 unit you have sittin' on your person. Wanna try it out before buying it? Sure -- but trial sessions last only five minutes and the software expires after a week.

[Via everythingusb]

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