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HTC S710 (Vox) reviewed and loved


Seems the HTC design depot is kickin' out new handsets fast and furious of late and if you believe everything you read, the Vox's replacement -- the HTC Wings -- is coming before the proverbial ink has had a chance to dry on this page. The Vox is a treat -- and a tasty one at that -- with goodies like a quad-band GSM radio, EDGE, Bluetooth and WiFi data connectivity, 2 megapixel camera, 201MHz OMAP CPU, and according to what we hear, a killer display. Love your TyTn's keyboard but hate the size? No worries, the Vox is packing a QWERTY keyboard too. But sadly, while sweet in oh so many ways, there is no HSDPA or any other 3G goodness for that matter. While not a deal breaker, the extra-fast connectivity would have rounded out this otherwise exceptional little handset.

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]

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