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Poking around with Virtually Jenna Jameson


Oh pr0n 2.0, you are so very close. Porn and games are often compared, but typically not related. However, we got to take a look at the new version of Virtually Jenna, the official video game of porn icon Jenna Jameson. The "game" is a Canadian title that is slowly being updated over time. It is currently available online only. Actually, the game lives on a server like an MMO to prevent piracy and comes with a $29.95 monthly fee.

We sat down with Brad Abram, president of Xstream3D, to get a better understanding of the game. There are currently three versions of the title available to customers: Hetero, Homo and Hentai (Anime porn). Abram is surprised that the Hentai version hasn't done better, between the robot and massive tentacle creature sex options, he thought there would be a bigger market.

In Virtually Jenna's current incarnation there are many design options for your avatar, poses to put them in and plenty of toys to use for interaction. The only problem is that your dominant hand, typically a key component in the enjoyment of pornography, is a bit busy. That's why they're adding a record feature, toying with the idea of a marketplace and even trying to figure out a way for the game to pick positions at random so the action can be a hands free evolutionary process leading to climax -- think of it as Spore for porn.

The game is compatible with most USB toys available on the market. The sound is proper for the genre and Abram says the graphics are "Xbox quality" to avoid the uncanny valley. They are also working on perfecting butt jiggle physics at the moment. The game is available now but it is an evolving adult entertainment project. They hope to have some in-game advertisement soon to defer the cost of development.

Virtually Jenna website link (Splash page is safe for work, but nothing beyond that)

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