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The Motorola SLVR L7c, in official Verizon form

Chris Ziegler

Hey, remember the SLVR L7c? You know, the candybar version of the CDMA RAZR -- the one with circa 2005 specs? Well, as you might recall, Verizon had some grand plans to get this one out the door at some point; turns out they still do, and we have some high-quality photography here to prove it. Though the opportunity to be the first US carrier to launch the L7c has come and gone, well... "better late than never," as they say. We'll begrudgingly admit that the phone doesn't look half bad in this rather pale shade, though the feature list is a pretty tough pill to swallow (think VGA cam). Word has it there's enough chatter going on behind the scenes to indicate a possible launch before the month's out -- we'd say that's a mighty good idea unless Verizon is going for the "instant obsolescence" phenomenon here.

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