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Binatone announces first CAT-iq compliant phone


The recently-announced CAT-iq standard doesn't exactly have the greatest name recognition just yet, but Hong Kong-based Binatone looks to be doing its part to help get it off the ground, announcing its first CAT-iq compliant phone at CeBIT. CAT-iq, for those not up to speed, is a new standard for VoIP cordless phones developed by the DECT Forum, which promises to deliver "high definition" sound quality in addition to an array of Internet-based services. Binatone's phone looks to bring all those newly-standardized options into the conference room, with a cordless handset complimented by a wireless, full-duplex speakerphone. When not chatting it up, you'll also be able to use the handset to check news, stocks, weather, and other information, as well as listen to Internet radio stations with "stunning sound quality." Unfortunately, there's no word on what it'll cost, although it looks like it'll be available sometime in the third quarter of this year.

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