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Bellperre luxury phones announced at CeBIT

Brian White

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CeBIT is in full swing and the handset announcements are starting to flow. Luxury handset brand Bellperre (yes, we just love brands spelled with all caps) is not meant to evoke some ringing piece of fruit but instead has announced some rather rectangular but fashion-clad handsets. And no, these aren't throwbacks to the 1970s transistor radio marketplace, but are meant for the ultra-uber stylish folk of 2007, kinda like Nokia's Vertu brand. Bellperre is marketing this new line as 100% devoid of plastic; instead, the company is using "authentic materials" like leather, steel, gold, hardwood, sapphire, and other materials. We guess plastic is just not that "authentic" any longer. Anyway, the new handsets were designed to complement other high-end personal items and were inspired by luxury and fashion goods, according to Bellperre. In addition, the "largest single piece of sapphire crystal ever found on a handset" is being used in these handsets. Make sure and park this beauty next to that Tag Heuer watch when you go to bed.

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