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LG's Shine flips out for the gold for SK Telecom

Brian White

Are you craving an LG Shine with a little less "slide" and a little more "flip"? Add a dose of gold into that formula and you have the new LG Shine handset in flip form with a gold, real metal casing -- and it looks just about identical to the Verizon VX8700, yes? Anyway, this CeBIT announcement comes as SK Telecom announced it would start shipping the new "Gold Shine" to its customers in the coming weeks (no firm date set just yet). We see no issue here since Verizon Wireless and SK Telecom don't really have competing wireless territories, and it appears that nothing has changed from the older Shine slider SK Telecom already carries. So, just the form factor is changing here. For you clamshell lovers in SK Telecom territory, though, this just may be your ticket.

[Via Crave]

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