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Garmin announces new 200, 600-series Nuvis


Garmin looks to trotted out Nuvis by the bucket load at CeBIT, announcing no less than a half dozen new models, as well as a new tool that'll let bosses keep tabs on their employees. Likely of most interest to those on this side of the Atlantic is the company's new 200-series Nuvis (pictured above), which now occupy the low-end of Garmin's Nuvi line. It comes in three different models models: the Nuvi 200, 250, and 270, each packing a 3.5-inch QVGA touchscreen and otherwise identical expect for the assortment of preloaded maps. Going for the basic Nuvi 200 will just give you coverage of the US, while the 250 adds maps of Canada, and the 270 goes all out with maps of more than 30 European countries. Rounding out the new Nuvis, Garmin's brought a bit more variety to its 600-series, adding the 600, 650, and 660FM models. Each boast 4.3-inch widescreen displays, with the 600 and 650 catering to North American and European drivers, respectively, and the 660FM (only available in Europe) adding an FM transmitter to the mix. Look for the whole lot of 'em to be available next month. Lastly, Garmin's also rolled out an app designed to work with its Mobile XT unit and GPS Buddy's products, which lets bosses take advantage of their employees' smartphones to monitor and direct them in real time -- no doubt set to prompt a rash of phones "forgotten" at the office.

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