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Hands-on with Amex's "Touch Sense" Keyboard and Skype dual-phone


If you're coming here to find out if Amex was able to deliver on the promise to "deliver the ultimate in feel and response" from a touch-sensitive keyboard, well, you'll have to check back later. They showed up at CeBIT with plastic mock-ups, not working prototypes -- still, that's more than we can say for others. The visit wasn't a complete waste, however. We now know that "Touch Sense" equates to a Cypress developed haptic interaction solution whereby each key-tap triggers a brief flash of light and sound. Although we knew that the TSK-VX7 keyboard has small, we were still surprised to see just how crazy small and slim the device plastic mockup really is. Even the price is small at something like $25 when it ships. That makes the pear-shaped TSP-VS501 all the more chubby in contrast. My, my what sneaky marketers you use for your product shots Amex. See 'em all in the gallery below.

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