Amex's TSP-VS501 dual-mode DECT handset for Skype

Oh lordy, can it be... a decently designed Skype handset? In a sea of craplastic Skype phones, up washes the sleek TSP-VS501 Skype handset with touch-sensitive keys. Better yet, this dual-mode phone from Amex Digital also works with your regular ol' PSTN home line. Just connect the telephone line and computer (via USB) to the included base station and you're good-to-go just as far as the DECT cordless handset will take you -- in other words, about 150 feet indoors. The handset packs everything you need for making and receiving traditional analog or Skype calls including your Skype buddy list showing current availability. No pricing or availability but we'll be sure to check it while on display at CeBIT in just a few weeks.

[Via Akihabara News]