Amex's TSK-VX7 Windows Vista Keyboard with Touch Senses keys

Sure, we get the whole touch-sensitive keypad on phones. Nevertheless, we still prefer to slather on the tactile feedback when it comes to our full-sized keyboards. That being said, touch-tech still might have a niche for limited QWERTY action while driving your Media Center from the couch. So check it Vista boy, that's the TSK-VX7 Windows Vista Keyboard up there sportin' Amex's new "Touch Senses Keys" spotted earlier on their dual-mode Skype handset. It uses 2.4GHz RF technology for 30 feet of wireless travel away from the USB dongle. Fine, but what really caught our attention is Amex's claim that their new take on the touch-sensitive keyboard is so good that it "delivers the ultimate in feel and response." Doubtful, but we'll be sure to go hands-on with this one in Hannover Germany where it'll be on display for the big CeBIT show starting March 15th.

[Via Akihabara News]