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LG sets up $25,000 texting contest -- with a catch

Chris Ziegler

Where we come from, trying to participate in a texting context with a QWERTY device is called "cheating," but we guess LG has some obligation to push the text-tastic capabilities of its V and enV handsets, so we'll cut 'em some slack here. In fact, the V and enV are the only devices LG's allowing in the competition -- with active Verizon service to match, of course -- so we suppose that sorta levels the playing field a bit. It seems LG wants to turn this into a costal battle, too, with the West Coast qualifier going down on the 31st of this month and its eastern counterpart rocking on the 21st of April; the winner from each gets ten grand and a trip to New York City to compete in the $15,000 final. Good luck, cheaters (don't worry, we still love ya).

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