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Aldi stores to sell budget 47-inch LCD HDTV?

Darren Murph

With the ever-dropping prices in the big screen television realm, it's not too surprising to hear of more and more companies dropping their ticket in the hat hoping to snag business from bargain hunters. While the success story of Vizio could be hard to replicate, an unconfirmed report from TechDigest is reporting that Aldi stores could end up offering a mysterious 47-inch LCD HDTV before too long. No word on what brand / model this thing could end up being, nor if it'll sport a swank Aldi sticker front and center, but we are hearing that it'll boast a 1600:1 contrast ratio, integrated Freeview tuner, wall mounting bracket, S-Video / VGA / composite video inputs, a pair of HDMI ports, automatic volume correction to muffle those blaring commercials, and a three-year warranty to top it off. Of course, we have absolutely no idea if an April trip for mangos and steak sauce will lead to an LCD TV impulse buy, but drop the price in comments if you catch a glimpse.

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