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Best Buy says bye-bye to 20GB PS3


There have been rumors surfacing that Sony is trying to discontinue the 20GB model. In Europe, low demand for the 20GB version caused Sony to not offer the cheaper SKU: only 60GB models are available in that territory. America may soon meet the same fate, as Best Buy has stopped ordering 20GB versions of Sony's latest console.

Phasing out the 20GB version is a win for both the retailer and Sony: the retailer earns more money, and Sony loses less on each system sold (they lose an additional $65 for each 20GB sold). Also, consumers seem to prefer the higher-end system. With Best Buy no longer ordering the "value" edition of the system, it won't be long before other major retailers follow suit. Will not offering a $499 version of the console make it less accessible to the masses? Or, does it further solidify Sony's "Mercedes" image?

[Via Joystiq]

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