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"AFK neighbor just bit my dog"

Mike Schramm

There's a running joke in my guild that whenever anyone has to leave an instance for a little while, everyone says "AFK to wash face." Apparently someone actually used that AFK excuse at one point, and it's been funny ever since. Most of the AFK's I've seen have been pretty tame, although I have had a few people leave instance runs fast because their kids have demolished their house in some way ("chocolate syrup all over kitchen floor, afk a sec"), and once because "afk 2 mins, cops at door." We didn't hear from that guy for the rest of the night.

But there's lots of better AFK excuses than even that.

"g2g guys, there's smoke coming out of my computer.."
"afk my brother has a knife"
"Guys I have to go there's a car that crashed into my house"
"guys i got to go, dog just died"
" I have to go AFK for a bit guys, my son just told me he's gay."
"brb internet just went out"
"afk wife giving birth"

Ok, so those last two are excuses given, not received. But I've never heard anything this crazy-- I must be grouping with the wrong people. Or maybe the right ones...

What's the craziest AFK excuse you've actually heard in game? And (because most of these are probably fake anyway) what's the craziest one you've ever given to get out of a bad PUG?

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