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Automatic banana peeler operates in low gear

Darren Murph

Apparently, utilizing bananas to satisfy one's DIY cravings is becoming all the rage, as just weeks after hearing about a Texas-sized geostationary blimp, Donkey Kong's favorite fruit is showing up in yet another bizarre contraption. The uber-slow automatic banana peeler is fairly self-explanatory, but if you're still miffed at just what this thing does, we assure you the video demonstration will allow plenty of time for you to fully grasp the concept. Essentially, the creation stands the banana upright and grabs hold of the peeling, and by utilizing some sort of "BBQ machine," it unwraps the fruit at an incredibly sluggish pace. Of course, we'd love for an interpreter to click on through and decipher exactly what these two fellows have to say about this thing, but considering that we actually enjoy fruit more when it's fresh, we aren't particularly interested in waiting five to ten minutes before enjoying a perishable snack.

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