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Forum post of the day: Beggars will be shot on sight

Eliah Hecht

First, a word of caution: there is a possibility that Blizz may consider this strategy to be griefing, so employ it at your own risk. It is, however, awesome. Apparently, if you're a Hunter, you can get a beggar killed, in town, if you're near an NPC that you can declare war on. For this example, we'll use a Cenarion Circle NPC (which I think there are in every major city). To summarize the OP:

  1. Beggar asks for gold.
  2. Invite beggar to group.
  3. Set "at war" with Cenarion Circle, put Misdirection on beggar, and shoot the Cenarion Circle NPC.
  4. The NPC will attack and probably kill the beggar.
Pretty sweet, eh? Of course, the more attention this gets, the more likely it'll be fixed, so I had to think for a while before deciding to post it here. However, the forum thread is pretty hot right now, so more than likely Blizz knows about it already. Check the thread for pictures; there's also allegedly a movie here.

[Thanks to Brisk of Eldre'thalas for sending this one in]

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