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Guildwatch: Splitsville, population us

Mike Schramm

It seems we're right in the middle of Burning Crusade raiding drama-- guilds who had a solid raiding group before the expansion are seeing all kinds of trouble as they reset themselves for new instances and new group limits and requirements. Lots of guilds are splitting under the pressure.

Not that it wasn't expected. But there sure is a lot of drama going around. This week's Guildwatch, your weekly look at happenings around the guild scene, starts right after you click the link below. And don't forget: your tips power this place-- if you've got news of drama, downing, or recruiting, let us know at


  • Haven on Azjol'Nerb EU is being split between hardcore and casual players. Our tipster says they're headed for the wreck heap, but my guess is that the hardcore will stay and the casuals will go, maybe form their own guild.
  • Deadly Syndicate on Kel'Thuzad-A is splitting off-- a few disgruntled members are forming Den of Evil.
  • Dragon Knights on Whisperwind reported had a dozen members /gquit because one of the guild's officer was being an ass on Vent. The guild leader apparently is trying to keep control, but some of the "bad apples" are still officers. Kick 'em!
  • Guardians of Arathor on Draenor (largest guild on the server with ~500 members) has experienced an officer exodus. 15 officers have left so far, and others keep leaving.
  • Loot drama! Sodapops is a rogue in Thorns on Aegwynn-H, and he got all angry when a Chromatically Tempered Sword dropped from Chromaggus, and the guild gave it to a hunter. But even though the guild says they know it's a rogue sword, apparently Sodapops has been ducking out early on raids, and the guild wanted to give it to someone they knew would be a benefit, not someone who was just in it for the loot. Naturally, Soda /gquit, and while he claims all the rogues were going to quit from the guild with him, apparently only one did.
  • Ninja Alert: Sapmeimblind yoinked the Aran loot from a delirium Nocturnum run on Archimonde-H and /gquit right away. I would say not to invite him into your guild, but apparently he's already found another group of suckers: He belongs to Letalis now.
  • Valhalla on Stormreaver-H has finished off Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and Curator-- all without paladins. That's how you prove your l33tness now-- by downing a raid boss without BoK.
  • Infinity on Shattered Hand-EU has dropped both Nightbane (that's a full Kara clear for them), and High King Maulgar. And after they emailed us about those, they also finished off Gruul for a server first! Pic above-- Double grats!
  • Angry Penguins (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) of Kargath-A isn't "actively recruiting," but they're always on the lookout, they say, for fun, laid back members
  • Nyx is an Oceanic guild on Emerald Dream-H looking for a prot warrior and a priest to join them in Karazhan. Aren't we all...
  • Megaforce Squadron (runner up for the BGN) on Dragonmaw is recruiting for some "relaxed instancing." That sounds fun, actually.
  • Pixelatex on Sunstrider is a "guild concept" that likes turning casual players into elites while having a lot of fun. If you want to try "a better way of doing guilds," look them up.
  • The Unknown Ænigma on Scilla-H wants holy priests, resto druids and paladins for raids and heroics. What, no resto shamans?
  • Servants of Kaelthas is recruiting, but they didn't give a faction or a server. Fortunately for them, we have the Armory-- they're on Blackrock-H.
  • The Proper Guild on Azjol'Nerub-EU want priests and locks, please.
  • Bad Moon Rising on Scarlet Crusade-H wants everyone but Shammies and Mages. Man there's just no Shammy love this week...
That'll do it for this week. Remember, send your tips (anonymous or otherwise) to We're especially looking for downings-- it seems people are too busy actually working through Kara to announce what they've killed in there. In fact, how cool would it be if that stuff showed up on the Armory-- whenever a group made up of the majority of your guildies downed something, your guild page should update with a progression list. Blizzard, make it so!

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