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LG readies $60 digital TV converters for 2008 release

Darren Murph

You won't find a bunch of happier folks than us when bringing up the (slowly) forthcoming analog-to-digital cutover, but we aren't looking forward to picking up one of these newfangled converter boxes for the grandparent who refuses to swap out that cabinet-based CRT they've had for decades. It shouldn't come as any surprise that these things won't be handed out for free, and since the vast majority of analog TV owners are certainly looking to remedy the imminent issue a full year or so in advance (ahem), we've already got manufacturers lining up to hit the market early. Following in the footsteps of RCA's DTA800, LG is reportedly readying a digital converter of its own for a 2008 release, and while it didn't divulge many specifics, it did note that the selling price would hover around $60 -- or $20 if you manage to snag one of those $40 government issued coupons.

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