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HOWTO: Setting up Apple TV

It turns out that setting up Apple TV and getting it to function couldn't be easier. Here's a quick run down of the steps involved.
  1. Attach the power cord. Remove the plastic wrapping from the Apple TV unit and insert the power cord into its jack. It fits very snugly and you may need to apply pressure to get it to seat properly.

  2. Attach your media cables. In the gallery below, I am using a component video cable (which shipped with my TV) and a separate analog audio connection (white/red). Apple TV supports HDMI and digital audio as well. Connect the cables to the jacks on the back of your Apple TV and to the jacks on your TV set.

  3. Power on your Apple TV. Plug into a power source. The LED on your Apple TV will flash amber for a few moments and then change to a solid white light.

  4. Select the proper video source. Power your TV on and select your Apple TV as its the video source.

  5. Select a language. Apple TV prompts you to select from its lists of supported languages.

  6. Select a network. Choose from a list of the detected wireless networks.

  7. Make a note of the PIN code. Apple TV displays a 5 digit identifier that you need to use to connect to your unit from iTunes and set that computer as your main host for the Apple TV.

  8. Go to iTunes on your computer. Select the Apple TV from the source list. iTunes prompts you for the 5 digit PIN. Enter this. iTunes now allows you to rename your Apple TV and it automatically begins to sync your data to the unit.

  9. Wait. It takes some time for your unit to sync.

Once you've set a home computer and have begun to sync, you can begin to explore your Apple TV immediately. You may begin to use Apple TV as soon as any content arrives. You do not have to wait for the sync to finish.

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