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Phat Loot Phriday: Death's Bargain

Mike Schramm

Great stats. An awesome name. And glowy skulls! What more do you want from one of the best caster shields in the endgame?

Name: Death's Bargain
Type: Epic Shield
Armor: 3570 (78 Block)

  • Green glowy skulls!
  • +12 Stamina, +12 Intellect
  • On equip, you get a +14 to spell crit strike rating, as well as +29 healing (not damage, unfortunately), and +4 mana per 5 seconds
  • The crit is what really makes this sucker great. There are shields with more healing on them, so strictly resto shaman or paladins might look elsewhere (in the Heroic instances, for example). But the crit on this one is excellent especially for elemental shaman. At level 70, you get a whole extra .63% crit from just this one item. And if you've got Clearcasting now, since it's based on critical strikes, that's a nice little patch of mana that you'll get for free just from the shield.
How to Get It: Unfortunately, while getting this isn't as hard as it used to be, it's still tough, but for different reasons. The thing is, you've got to find a group that will take you into Naxx (are there any guilds still left running Naxx?). This shield drops from Gluth, the third boss in the Abomination wing there, at a 14.8% rate. So if you can find a guild that's still going to Naxx, get to the boss, and win the roll for this baby, you're golden.

Getting Rid of It: BoP of course. Sells to vendors for 5g 74s 2c, but even if you find a shield with more healing or damage on it, you might want to keep this one around just for the crit. And look at those skulls!

Update: No one likes the green skulls. Brandon points out this one, a BoE shield found in Sethekk Halls, easier to get and with better crit. But no skulls. Thanks Brandon.

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