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Roguelike magazine launches, focuses on game aesthetics


Real gamers know that if you see an uppercase letter D, turn tail and run. Dragons are fierce. Forget polygons, forget sprites, Roguelike games do it with text on a black screen. And they're some of the most complex and enjoyable games ever to grace a computer. Unfortunately most modern gamers turn their noses at the dated visuals and refuse to give Roguelikes a second look.

Well, Mario Donick is not gonna take it anymore. He recently launched Roguelike. The magazine, a publication dedicated to increasing awareness of the art and aesthetics behind the Roguelike genre. Each issue will dive into the inner workings of these games and discuss things like typography, interface, coding, and more. The first issue is online and ready for consumption, while number two is on its way April 2nd.

It's a little slice of old school heaven for many gamers, and required reading for whippersnappers who can't tell their NetHack from an Angband.

[Via TIGSource]

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