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SolCool showcases new solar-powered air conditioners

Darren Murph

Not exactly fitting the "startup" criteria any longer, SolCool is apparently freshening up its product lines by offering a snazzy new solar-powered air conditioner. Aimed at cooling smaller areas than its two-ton hybrid chiller, the 24- x 24- x 48-inch V4 actually touts cooling and heating abilities, runs on a 24-volt system, and can supposedly kick out comfortable air for "up to 24 hours" once fully charged by the sun. Additionally, the device will be equipped with two DC compressors capable of producing up to 18,000 BTUs, a ducted ventilation blower, lightweight / rugged skin, condensate management tank, remote control thermostat, and it can even be configured for use in the US or UK. Unfortunately, details specifications and pricing information hasn't been divulged to the general public just yet, but considering that Spring has now sprung, you should probably expect a bit more promotional information to surface relatively soon.

[Via Gadgets-Weblog]

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