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International Shutdown Day is here -- you still with us?

Darren Murph

Hey, we know the average geek couldn't care less about a few off-kilter maniacs demanding that we all hit the kill switch on March 24th to hype up their questionable agenda, but just to make sure no one out there actually caved to the inadmissible requests, we're requesting our own uprising. Yes, International Shutdown Day is finally upon us, and while its clear that we fall on the rebellious side of the bunch, let's just ponder why this day was an absolutely dreadful idea from the start. If you enjoy the taken-for-granted luxuries in life such as functioning stoplights, NCAA March Madness, open retailers, free flowing communications, carelessly Photoshopping, penning an email, and say, browsing Engadget, then it's fairly safe to say you'd be having one lousy Saturday if ISD was widely accepted. Still, we've no qualms with operating in a much greener fashion, but considering that the protesters' website is actually up and running on a power-sucking machine as we speak, it makes you wonder who the real hypocrites are, no?

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