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Should the 360 support Folding@Home?

Dustin Burg

Over at Gizmodo they've pitched an interesting question, why not allow Xbox Live members to participate in the Folding@Home project like the PS3 has? If you aren't familiar, the PS3 allows users to use their PS3's horsepower to aid in disease research when they aren't gaming online. So, with Gizmodo's plan, 360 and PS3 users could take the console war into the science lab by keeping track of which console completes the most work units each week or the fastest. It'd be a mini competition that helps keep the (not so) friendly console war alive while helping disease research. Sounds like a win-win solution to us. So, what do you think? Should Microsoft give us the option to donate our 360's computing power in the Folding@Home project or any other charitable cause?

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