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Nike plans to make all its running shoes iPod-compatible


Not a lot of details just yet, but it looks like that limited selection of Nike+ shoes won't be alone in iPod compatibility in Nike's running lineup for long. Nike President and CEO Mark Parker said in a recent interview that Nike "plans to make all its running shoes compatible with its Nike+ technology by the end of the year." That's good news for the iPod kids looking for a wider selection of running shoes, and unwilling to go with one of those hacks, but we suppose a purist or three isn't going to like having their running shoe cut up in such a manner. Parker continued, saying "I won't get into specific dates or executions, but you can expect to see some of these new Nike concepts at retail this calendar year." Our guess is those shoes could be hitting 'round the time Nike Speed+ and friends start making this whole distance tracking thing ubiquitous in May.

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