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LG's 575 for AT&T

Chris Ziegler

We were just casually wandering the expanses of LG's slick booth here at CTIA (stay tuned for more goodies from it) when we happened across this gem: a glass-encased flip simply known as "LG575." What caught our eye, though, was the telltale stylized AT&T globe on the OK button, so yeah, we pretty much know where it's headed. Judging from its appearance, we'd say its a midrange 3G piece in the same vein as the Samsung SYNC, but with an exterior that might be real metal (we couldn't be sure) and a clever-looking touch strip below the external display, presumably for music control. Judging from LG's recent naming convention for Cingular handsets, we wouldn't be terribly surprised to see this one turn into the "CU575," but who knows?

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