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Netflix CEO joins Microsoft board


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, the man who changed the way America rents movies, has joined the board of directors at Microsoft. There's no further announcement beyond this simple, but possibly monumental, change to the Microsoft board.

Microsoft has been getting into video downloads with Xbox Live, but now combine that concept with the brand power and ethos of simplicity behind Netflix, and you've got yourself, well, we don't know ... but it brings us one step closer to an all-in-one box for our television.

If Netflix service were incorporated into the Xbox 360, it would change the way we rent movies once again, and be a Halo-level killer app. for the console. As long as the Xbox 360 continues growing its potential, but doesn't lose sight of its gaming core, we'll be fine. We cross our fingers for a Netflix related announcement before 2008. Consumers rejoice, this could lead to good things.

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