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Classy wooden router literally gauges network utilization

Darren Murph

Although Sprint didn't mind showing off its snazzy new router earlier today, a crafty DIY'er has concocted a classic of his own to balance things out. Admittedly, homegrown routers aren't exactly common, but this step back in time really puts the modern day approach to shame, as its wooden construction, curvaceous shape, and tasteful use of analog equipment would tempt even the neatest of neat freaks to keep this one outside of the networking closet. Granted, this certainly isn't the most simplistic of projects we've come across, and it will require quite a bit of handiwork beyond the usual steady hand, but if you're feeling courageous and want a dash of class to counter the rat's nest of cabling behind your rig, click on through to the read link for all the minutiae.

[Via Slashgear]

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