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HD DVD and Blu-ray only account for 1% of Netflix's shipments

Matt Burns

Rent-a-Shacks everywhere have a nice business goin' on where they let people afraid of commitment still enjoy nice stuff. Come to think of it, does any of these rental place have HD DVD or Blu-ray players? Anyways, Netfix does about the same thing if you think about it - but did you know they also have HD DVD and Blu-ray titles. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be doin' so hot and only account for less then 1% of all their titles shipped. Now, we aren't exactly math aficionados but that still seems like a decent number. According to Netflix's Wikipedia entry, they ship 1.4 million DVDs daily so that works out to be 14,000 HD DVD and Blu-ray discs everyday. Not too shabby if you ask us. Sure, we would like to see that number with one more "0" but at least some people are watching these superior discs.

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