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Nokia's 5070 and 7088 for dudes and debutantes, respectively


The XpressMusic 5700 isn't Nokia's only new phone for the day. Our Finnish friends also unveiled their 5070 "fun and function" phone for the young'ns and 7088 L'Amour for you trust funders. The 5070 packs an FM radio and stereo headset with a focus on messaging and personalization for "today's socially networked mobile consumer." That, and a low price tag of just €100 when these drop in Q2. The L'Amour 7088 brings some feminine styling (read: pink) to a CMDA slider destined for faux-fur lovers who think that a 128 x 160 pixel display passes as "extra-large" -- hey, that's what the press release says. Expect the 7088 to hit select markets in Q2 as well.

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